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Why is it that the simple act of pouring oneself a cup of coffee provides an immediate sense of calm, comfort, and a sense (however fleeting) that all is right with the world?

The benefits of coffee are spiritual as well as physical.

In terms of spiritual benefits, consuming this beverage at significant points in the day is a cherished tradition in the Western world. At home and at work coffee serves as our trusted friend. At home we drink coffee at quiet times, perhaps to accompany casual reading. At work it is a companion that accompanies our labors. Away from work, we gather with friends over coffee for a leisurely visit. In restaurants it is an act that signifies the formal part of the meal is over and diners may now relax for an indefinite time in the company of their companions. It also offers a point of entry into fellowship: "Let's have a cup of coffee sometime" provides a less cumbersome way than meeting for lunch or dinner to forge new relations…